3 Ways to Boost Your Biceps Size and Peak Height Fast

Building the perfect bicep isn’t easy. Heck, building a bicep at all isn’t easy. But one thing for sure is, there are certain methods of training them that can have a more positive effect in helping you obtain those perfect biceps. Let’s start with taking a look at the bicep muscle itself. Hold your arm straight out with your palm facing on the inside like a hammer and make a fist. Squeeze that fist and pull the fist toward your head, keeping your hand in the same hammer position.

As your fist nears your face, focus on the shape of your bicep. Take notice of the bicep’s length and peak height…

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With your fist still up and your bicep flexed, slowly turn your palm inward so it’s facing you. While performing this, continue focusing on the shape of your bicep. You’ll notice that as your first turns in toward your face that your bicep shrinks in length and a peak will begin to form. This exercise shows that your bicep peak is shown with palms pointing towards your head. Getting the shape we’re going for here requires bicep exercises that emphasize motions that require the palms facing inward. Here’s a list of exercises that use this motion and focus on building that bicep peak.

The Exercise Plan

Notice there are four exercises. Smaller muscle groups such as the biceps don’t need as much work as larger muscle groups such as the chest or back so four is plenty, assuming you are using what you consider heavy weight. Also, your biceps are worked out while performing back exercises. Because of this, a lot of people work back and biceps in the same day. If you are too exhausted to perform these exercises using heavy weight on the same day, I recommend doing back and biceps on separate days to get the full effect.


    • Standing Barbell Curls

This exercise is by far, the king of all bicep builders (resource: Legal-Steroids Magazine). This is a highly effective mass and peak builder. Ensure you have a straight bar, not an EZ bar. Barbell exercises will require both arms to perform. Stand with your arms extended toward the floor, parallel to your sides. For best results, push your elbows a bit forward away from you so they’re on a very slight angle. Pull the barbell toward your chest and back down again all the while keeping your elbows slightly pushed away from you. Contracting your bicep at the top of every set also helps.

If you do this correctly, you’ll notice that it may be more difficult than any other bicep exercise you’ve done. This slight angle creates a consistent force on the bicep muscles the entire set, similar to a preacher curl. Most people that do bicep curls tend to pull their elbows inward toward their back which allows some of the pressure to be taken off the muscle as the bar is brought back toward the floor.


    • Chin Ups

Chin ups are performed using the resistance generated from the weight of your body. Although some people may opt to add extra weight to make it more challenging. You can do this by placing a dumbell vertically between your ankes, or by using a dip belt.

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